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SolarEdge’s Annual Sustainability Report Published Today, Unveils: 50% of Fortune 100 Companies Have SolarEdge Technology on their Rooftops

SolarEdge announced the release of its 2022 Sustainability Report.

SolarEdge and Freedom Forever Announce Multi-Year Agreement that Includes PV and Battery Storage Systems

SolarEdge announced today that it entered into a multi-year agreement with Freedom Forever, a leading U.S. residential solar installer, for the supply of residential smart energy products and solutions.

SolarEdge Launches its First Battery Virtual Power Plant Supporting Great Britain’s National Grid ESO Demand Flexibility Service

SolarEdge today announced the launch of its first Battery Virtual Power Plant supporting Great Britain’s National Grid ESO Demand Flexibility Service (“DFS”).

SolarEdge’s Technology First to Meet South Australia’s New Dynamic Export Regulations

SolarEdge announced today that its products have met the new Dynamic Export requirements as part of the South Australian Government’s plan to stabilize the grid with sophisticated, remote cloud control technologies.

SolarEdge Begins Shipment of New Battery Cell Line for Stationary Energy Storage Applications

SolarEdge announced today that its Energy Storage division has begun shipping new battery cells designed for stationary Energy Storage applications.

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