RE+ 2023: Introducing SolarEdge ONE: A New Energy Optimization Solution for Commercial and Industrial Sites, Maximizing Cost Savings for Business Owners

  • The new solution has features that are designed to optimize energy usage, maximize savings and can potentially speed up ROI across the energy asset portfolio through real-time data analytics and high efficiency decision making

  • The solution includes an on-site local controller, which provides integration with compatible third-party devices, advanced on-site management capabilities as well as a web-based platform to monitor and orchestrate PV generation, EV charging and loads management

September 13, 2023SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (“SolarEdge”), a global leader in smart energy technology, today unveiled its SolarEdge ONE solution, a comprehensive software-based site management and energy optimization solution for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar applications at RE+ (Booth #3311), Las Vegas.

SolarEdge ONE is a real-time energy optimization system for businesses, maximizing energy generation and consumption, including PV, storage1 and local energy loads such as EV fleet charging. Designed to overcome the challenges of complex energy systems, SolarEdge ONE creates synergies across the energy asset portfolio, making optimal PV production and consumption decisions every day. This is achieved by smart algorithms based on aggregation of external data (e.g., daily utility rates and weather forecasts) and on-site data (e.g., historical PV production, site consumption and user preferences) and sophisticated algorithms to optimize energy production and consumption.

The system is designed to maximize the use of excess PV during peak pricing periods, allowing more savings. In addition, unnecessary and costly site visits can be decreased through remote troubleshooting and real-time alerts and reporting. The energy optimization solution is designed to evolve with changing organizational needs and consumption patterns (such as additional energy assets).

Business owners and asset managers can monitor the entire system and orchestrate the site PV production, EV charging and load optimization via the SolarEdge ONE Manager, a desktop-based web application. The SolarEdge ONE Manager also provides robust operation and maintenance tools, enabling visibility down to the PV module level.

The new SolarEdge Local Controller is designed toenable integration with weather sensors, energy meters, cellular modem and other devices that can help achieve optimal system communication and performance.

ONE is SolarEdge’s energy optimization solution for both the residential and C&I segments.

SolarEdge ONE, SolarEdge ONE Manager and SolarEdge Local Controller will be presented at SolarEdge’s Booth (#3311) at RE+, taking place at the Venetian Conference and Expo Center, Las Vegas, September 12-14. 

SolarEdge ONE features are expected to be rolled-out gradually through 2023 and 2024.

1 In markets in which SolarEdge has an applicable storage solution

About SolarEdge

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