Launch of SolarEdge Home in Brazil: Residential Energy Ecosystem Optimizes Solar Capture

New solution puts the consumer in control of their home's energy and creates a business opportunity for integrators, including battery, backup and electric vehicle charger

July 06, 2023 – SolarEdge Technologies, a global leader in Smart Energy technology, announces the launch in Brazil of SolarEdge Home, a portfolio of energy management products for homes. Comprised of Home Hub and Home Wave inverters, Power Optimizer, Battery, Backup Interface and smart operating system, the solution enables homeowners to increase energy savings and sufficiency by optimizing the production, consumption and storage of solar energy.

"One of the main reasons for the use of solar energy in homes is the reduction of electricity costs, which can reach a 90% drop in electricity bills," says Juliano Pereira, Country Manager of SolarEdge in Brazil, who further adds that "we believe that intelligent energy management is fundamental as costs and electricity consumption continue to grow. Innovative solutions that can synchronize multiple energy sources, consumption loads and battery storage are crucial to having independence and sustainability in the future."

Designed to capture more solar energy with power optimizer technology (Coupled Direct Current), the solution stores more energy in the battery to power the home and provides backup during outages. The SolarEdge Home operating system bases load and scheduling recommendations on the homeowner's energy usage patterns and preferences. This extends backup time and reduces network dependency. Managed by a simple app called mySolarEdge, homeowners can manage and track solar energy use, energy savings and reducing carbon emissions in their homes.

Available in single-phase applications, the SolarEdge Home Battery of 5kW  power and useful power of 9.7kWh can be connected with three other batteries per inverter, delivering up  to  29.1kWh power to the home, as well as allowing  synchronization  with  additional SolarEdge inverters and other smart home devices of the ecosystem. The highly efficient design of the Battery connected in conjunction with the photovoltaic modules (DC Coupled) requires only one energy conversion in the storage and  utilization process, and the oversizing of up to 200% reduces clipping losses further increasing the efficiency of the system. compared to  the microinvesor technology that requires three conversions because the Battery is Coupled in Corrente Alternada (AC) and does not allow to reduce the losses by clipping.

The company operates with two types of solutions compatible with batteries, being the Home Wave for applications to improve self-consumption and connection with Electric Vehicle Charger, which with the intelligence and connectivity of the Ecosystem, it is possible for example, to choose the time of charging of the vehicle according to the moments of greater productivity of the system, and the Home Hub for backup-focused application.

For installers, the SolarEdge Home portfolio is designed to simplify installation from design to commissioning , while also enabling reduced installation time thanks to plug-and-play wireless connectivity.

The SolarEdge Home ecosystem allows homeowners to add future equipment and other features as their needs evolve and change.


About SolarEdge

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