Solar System Helps AGORA Reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions

  • System is expected to achieve ROI in just six years - two years faster than initially planned

  • Due to successful reduction in energy costs, AGORA has since installed two additional solar solutions

  • As roof space was limited and partially shaded, SolarEdge’s inverter was a necessity to maximize power production

  • For ultimate peace of mind and staff safety, SolarEdge's SafeDC™ and rapid shutdown features were key deciding factors

August 24, 2022 – SolarEdge today announces that Polish media company, AGORA, is enjoying significant energy savings from its 89.76kWp photovoltaic system (PV) - crucial in meeting the challenges of rising energy prices in Poland. Installed in 2020 on its Warsaw headquarters, the PV system is predicted to pay for itself in just six years - two years faster than originally planned. The system has been so successful in reducing its energy costs, that AGORA installed two additional solutions on its print facility in March 2022.

As energy prices in Poland have soared in recent years1 , costs have dramatically increased for companies powering mid-to-large commercial buildings like AGORA. The company wanted to tackle this problem while also reducing its carbon footprint, so solar was deemed the natural choice. Delivered by its installation of a solar system managed by SolarEdge inverters, the AGORA PV solution was chosen for its performance benefits and market leading safety features – including SolarEdge's SafeDC™ and rapid shutdown features. It was also chosen for its ability to optimize power from a roof space that was limited and partially shaded.

Marcin Tkaczyk, Administration Director of AGORA, comments, “In 2001 we received an architectural award for our headquarters in Warsaw. To further improve its sustainability credentials, we wanted to install a solar system. But, with so many people in the building, we needed to not only make a good choice in terms of return on investment, but we also needed an advanced safety solution. Having done some background research, we agreed with our installer, Bison Energy, on which system would best suit our needs. We’ve been so pleased with the SolarEdge system and how much it’s saving us in energy costs that we’ve had two additional installations completed.”

As employee safety was also at the top of the agenda for AGORA, SolarEdge's SafeDC function which reduces the output voltage to a touch-safe 1V during maintenance, was of specific interest. The systems rapid shutdown feature, which in the event of a fire turns the system off within 30 seconds, was also critical to AGORA. What’s more, the company’s advanced arc fault detection system, was key to its choice of SolarEdge. Taking just seven days to install, AGORA now produces an average of 87mW/hr, while reducing its carbon footprint by approximately 86,000kg of CO2 a year.

AGORA’s PV system installed on the roof of the Company’s headquarters consists of one SolarEdge 50k inverter, two SolarEdge 17k inverters, 272 modules and 136 SolarEdge P730 power optimizers to manage and optimize power generation. Unlike the traditional string inverter, where modules adapt their level of efficiency to the weakest module in the string, SolarEdge’s inverter allows each module to run at its maximum output. In the case of AGORA, where roof space was limited and partially shaded due to other rooftop infrastructure, SolarEdge’s inverter is a necessity to maximize power production.

“We rate SolarEdge systems so highly, that we were importing them from Germany before they were available in Poland,” comments Michał Szewczyk, President of Bison Energy. “For AGORA it was an easy recommendation to make. To meet their power and safety requirements, as well as ensuring swift ROI, SolarEdge was the obvious choice.”


PV installation

Caption: AGORA is reducing its carbon footprint by 86,000kg of CO2 a year with their PV installation.

Green Building design

Caption: The award-winning architecture is complemented by the solar array, furthering its contributions to the Green Building design.

SolarEdge’s optimized inverter

Caption: Taking just Seven days to install, SolarEdge’s optimized inverter solution improves roof space utilization and energy yield.


Agora S.A. was established in 1989; since 1999 the Company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Its most important undertakings are: Helios S.A. - Poland’s largest cinema network operator, ranked in terms of number of facilities, and the owner of the NEXT FILM distribution and production company, AMS - Poland’s leading outdoor advertising company, as well as valued news media - Gazeta Wyborcza, the most popular opinion-forming newspaper in Poland and leader of the digital transformation of the Polish press,, which is at the forefront of Polish portals, and the supra-regional Radio TOK FM, the most popular news&talk broadcaster in Poland. Agora Group owns also three brands of local music radio stations: Radio Złote Przeboje, Radio Pogoda, Rock Radio, in addition to being an editor of web portals that are leaders in terms of popularity in their respective categories, i.a., and, available online and via mobile applications. The Company engages also in publishing and distribution of books, music and film publications, as well as operations on the food services market.
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About Bison Energy

Bison Energy is one of the pioneers of the photovoltaic market in Poland. It was established in 2013 when it actively participated in an active way in the creation of the current settlement system rules.
From the beginning Bison Energy takes care of each and every detail during the installation process: from the contact with investors, to the selection of the highest quality components, to the service after the installation. As a result, it may guarantee the highest quality, proven both by satisfied clients and by several prizes won during sector-based events.
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