SolarEdge Poland to launch Smart Home Solution at ENEX Expo 2022

SolarEdge to also show the next generation S-series Power Optimizers and Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology 

22 February 2022 - SolarEdge, a global leader in smart energy, today announces that it will exhibit at ENEX Expo 2022 (23rd to 24th February) in Poland, using the show to debut its new smart energy management system, “SolarEdge Home”. Visitors to the booth will see how customers can use the new system to more efficiently manage energy within their homes, enabling them to enhance self-consumption and buy less energy from the grid. Visitors will also see other solutions including the SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology, and the next generation of SolarEdge Power Optimizers. 

Previewed for the first time (Stand E-47) at the show, the new SolarEdge Home solution (including the new SolarEdge Bank Battery, the new Energy Hub Inverter and Smart Energy Devices) is designed to dynamically manage, monitor and optimize solar energy production, consumption and battery storage in real-time. By making load and scheduling decisions using sophisticated algorithms, and homeowner’s preferences for savings and/or convenience, the solution allows Polish homeowners to maximize PV energy consumption.

“As energy prices skyrocket in Poland and throughout the world, businesses and homeowners are turning to solar energy as a way to help reduce their electricity bills and be more sustainable. What’s more, as government incentives are now likely support 25-50% of the cost of a battery, demand for solar storage solutions is predicted to increase significantly,” comments Michal Marona, Manager of SolarEdge Poland. “At ENEX, we look forward to meeting with visitors and demonstrating how they can use our market leading solar technology with complete confidence, to support grid-independence and lower their monthly outgoings.” 

SolarEdge will also showcase the new S-Series Power Optimizers with SolarEdge Sense Connect functionality. An industry-first capability, users are assured of enhanced PV system safety by the detection and prevention of electric arcs at modular level, rather than just detecting them at the string level. 

To demonstrate the speed and ease to which a PV system can be created using SolarEdge’s Designer tool, the company will also host a live competition at the show. Inviting 16 of its installers to go head-to-head in designing a solar installation in only five minutes, the design that best fits the competition requirements will win the installer a state of the art drone. 

Michal Marona will also use the ENEX Forum Solar+ speaker platform (24/02/22, 12:10), to talk about the importance of a holistic solar powered system within homes and businesses, as well as upcoming Polish financial incentives for solar installations and much more.

SolarEdge Home 

Available for single and three phase PV systems, SolarEdge Home consists of several features to address the needs of the EU market. These include:

  • The Energy Hub Inverter - Combines SolarEdge’s award winning and most efficient inverter technology, with the intelligence, scalability and advanced safety features essential to manage the growing demands of energy hungry homes. The Energy Hub Inverter also supports future integration with SolarEdge Backup Interface,for flexible backup power in the event of grid interruption
  • The SolarEdge Energy Bank Battery - Designed to operate seamlessly with SolarEdge inverters, it offers 94.5% round-trip efficiency for longer periods of residential energy storage 
  • SolarEdge Home Smart Energy Devices - A growing suite of scalable smart energy devices
  • SolarEdge EV Charger – Fully integrated with SolarEdge energy storage, users can now charge their EV using solar-produced power
  • SolarEdge Energy Net -A wireless mesh network that seamlessly connects and communicates with SolarEdge Home devices 
  • The SolarEdge Energy Operating System – The backbone of the SolarEdge Home, automates complicated storage and scheduling decisions



SolarEdge’s 64m2 booth will feature a large range of the products available, including SolarEdge Home, SolarEdge’s 3 phase Inverter with Synergy Technology and the recently released S-series

SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter

"SolarEdge Home” allows homeowners to more efficiently manage energy within their homes while optimizing the connection to the grid. The SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology is an essential part of this to manage the growing demands of energy hungry homes. (Source: SolarEdge)

About SolarEdge

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