The SolarEdge S1200 Power Optimizer wins the BePOSITIVE Technical Favorite Award

S1200 Power Optimizer with SolarEdge Sense Connect technology wins award for comprehensive approach to safety

April 18, 2023 – SolarEdge, a Global leader in smart energy technology, won the BePOSITIVE Awards' Technical Favourite Award for the S1200 Power Optimizer with Sense Connect technology at the national energy transition trade fair, BePOSITIVE, which took place from 21 to 23 March 2023 at Eurexpo Lyon. 

Designed for the commercial and industrial sectors, the S1200 Power Optimiser features SolarEdge Sense Connect technology which is unprecedented in the industry because it detects temperature increases at the connectors to prevent potential arcing. 

"SolarEdge has made a proposal that is ahead of the rest of the industry in terms of detecting and anticipating the risk of arcing while regulating the power accordingly to prevent arcing. Being very sensitive to safety aspects, especially for rooftop installations, but not only, we have chosen to award our Technical Favourite to SolarEdge, which is the only one to propose such a technical approach," said Hervé Druon, Directeur de l’INES Plateforme Formation & Evaluation, a member of the jury in the "New Energy Systems" category, at the Awards Ceremony.

Christian Carraro, Managing Director of SolarEdge Southern Europe, added: "We are honoured that our comprehensive approach to security with our SolarEdge Sense Connect technology has been awarded by French professionals in the New Energy Systems category. This is a further vote of confidence in terms of innovation in the French energy and building market.

In the event of abnormal connector overheating, which can occur due to faulty installations or connections, SolarEdge Sense Connect technology detects the anomaly and reduces the flow of DC power before arcing can occur. With module-level site monitoring, operations and maintenance (O&M) are informed of the precise location of the faulty connector, so repairs can be carried out quickly and easily. 

The S1200 Power Optimizer is designed to accommodate high power and dual-feed PV modules. With 99.5% efficiency and support for two high power, high input current PV modules, SolarEdge's S-Series Power Optimizers reduce the discounted cost of energy (LCOE) through higher efficiency, and enable longer, more powerful strings. 

SolarEdge Sense Connect technology joins an expanded range of safety features, including SafeDC technology, which is designed to allow the DC voltage of PV systems to be automatically reduced to safe levels (1V DC per optimizer) in the event of a grid failure or inverter shutdown.

The BEPOSITIVE AWARDS are one of the highlights of the national energy transition trade fair, BePOSITIVE, and reward the new products, innovations and technological developments presented by industrialists and manufacturers in the energy and building sectors. Juries, made up of professionals and media, were brought together to award prizes for 4 categories. For the "New Energy Systems" category, the jury that awarded the Technical Favourite Prize for the S1200 Power Optimiser was composed of the following members:

  • Hervé Druon: Director - INES Training & Evaluation Platform
  • Olivier Durin: Editorial Director of NEWS TANK ENERGIE
  • Gaël Parrens : Vice-President of Qualit'EnR
  • Etienne Wurtz: Scientific Manager Solar Technologies Department - INES CEA-Liten

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