Technion Inaugurates Renewable Energy Laboratory in Memory of SolarEdge’s Founder Guy Sella

December 6, 2022 – The Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) recently marked the opening of the Power Electronics And Renewable Energy Laboratory (PEARL), a first of its kind laboratory integrating renewable energy and power electronics as part of the studies in the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Donated by SolarEdge and dedicated to the memory of its Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Guy Sella, who passed away in 2019 and was a Technion graduate and pioneer in smart energy technology. The research laboratory is aimed at acquainting graduate students with the practicalities of climate tech. Projects and programs will surround the study of increasing efficiencies in the field of photovoltaics, e-mobility and others.

Prof. Uri Sivan, Technion President: “We have a common vision with SolarEdge and the late Guy Sella – that of sustainability and of strengthening the bonds between academia and industry and we are currently in the process of formulating a comprehensive strategic plan for sustainability. Guy Sella's PEARL is an extremely important pillar for the Technion, the faculty and the fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering study that we lead."

Prof. Idit Keidar, Dean of the Viterbi Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering: “Our faculty has 11 renown teaching laboratories, but none were dedicated to the study of Power Electronics And Renewable Energy, until now. It is with great pride that we inaugurate the 12th laboratory and there is no doubt that SolarEdge has fulfilled an important necessity. The laboratory’s projects will promote science and engineering both locally and globally, some of which have already begun operation including joint research with the Company."

Zivi Lando, SolarEdge CEO: “The legacy of Guy Sella lives on, not only though SolarEdge, but through the next generations of engineers who continue to develop technology to enable the advancement of renewable energy everywhere. We are very proud to contribute to the enabling of this research at the Technion in Guy’s memory.” This laboratory is part of the partnerships between the Technion and SolarEdge, which include research grants in memory of its’ late founder, Guy Sella, scholarships in the field of energy and a biennial energy hackathon. 


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